About Awana Clubs

Our Discipleship Philosophy

Awana Clubs is built on our 3B ministry philosophy of child discipleship: Belong, Believe, Become. Children build spiritual resilience when they feel they belong to Jesus, when they believe in the truth of the Bible and then become disciplemakers in their own right.

  • Belong

    Highly relational ministry led by loving, caring adults.

  • Believe

    Deeply scriptural ministry rooted in the Gospel and the truth of God’s Word in order that kids may know, love and serve Jesus Christ.

  • Become

    Truly experiential ministry designed to help kids navigate a changing culture, experience God’s presence and walk in the ways of Jesus.

Awana Clubs comes with specialized curriculum and activities for kids at every age.

  • Preschool: Puggles
  • Preschool: Cubbies
  • Elementary: Sparks
  • Elementary: T&T
  • Youth: Trek
  • Youth: Journey

Ages 2 – 3

Puggles teaches children four Big Truths from the Bible — God made everything, God is great, God loves us, and we give thanks.

What happens at an Awana Club?

A night at an Awana club balances connection, learning the Gospel and having fun to help kids grow relationally and spiritually.

Large Group Time

Large Group Time centers around the week’s Bible lesson, but it’s more than sitting and listening! We help you make it interactive, then give you the flexibility build out the rest of the time your way with puppet shows, worship music, announcements, awards — whatever captivates your kiddos and invites Christ to enter into your club time.

Achievement and awards system

Small Group Time

Small Group Time huddles a handful of kids around a consistent leader to foster warm relationships as kids ask their questions and discuss the Bible lesson, work through their handbooks and pray together.

Handbooks, home crafts and activities

Group Activity Time

Let’s have fun! Kids never forget playing games, making crafts and jumping (literally!) into activities. Even if your church doesn’t have a gym or activity center, Awana staff will work with you to create games and activities to fit your vision and your building.

Apparel for each age level

86% of adults who experienced Awana Clubs as a child gained wisdom to apply the Bible to their lives.

Excellence in Giving Awana Alumni Study, 2020

Wondering how to implement Awana Clubs at your church?

Possible for any sized ministry

What does a typical Awana Clubs church look like? They love and follow Jesus and value shaping kids to do the same. That’s it! Awana Clubs are in both rural and urban churches. They’re English speakers and Spanish speakers. They’re small and they’re large. Awana Clubs works for any church, so long as you have a focus on discipling kids. You choose your programs, your products, and how to use your space. And we’re here to help.

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Why choose Awana Clubs?

For over 70 years, Awana has partnered with local churches to bring God’s Word to children around the world. We’ve watched Him move in individuals and change entire communities. We’ve heard story after story of club kids sharing the Gospel with parents and their buddies and, as adults, with their own kids!  It’s our honor to welcome families to Awana Clubs year after year.

More About Awana
Draw families to your church.
Foster meaningful relationships between kids and leaders.
Build a foundation of lasting faith for children and youth.

We can help you make Awana Clubs a part of your ministry

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